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Talking to someone who understands you culturally gives you clarity and perspective that makes sense

The most frustrating part of a dysfunctional relationship is feeling misunderstood. Not because you are not talking or trying to communicate, but because you feel the other party is not hearing what you are saying. 

Mediation sessions with Reese are designed in a way that allows the clutter of miscommunicated emotions to be cleared. 

Suffering from this clutter may mean that your relationships are tense because of unspoken or taboo emotions. It can look like emotional buildup because things have been allowed to linger instead of having a proper release of negative energy. The suffering can also penetrate much deeper into the human psyche as one or more parties begin to internalize the dysfunction without a proper ownership of functional roles.

Using the beautifully simplified Laws of Nature, Reese cuts through the conditioning of social dynamics as they effect relationship dynamics. So no more excuses can be used to escape the level of responsibility and ownership it takes for each party to pull their own weight toward joint success. Reese is also particularly "no-nonsense" in her approach to mediation. All parties are given the respect necessary to be heard and to explain the position of their heart until understanding is achieved.

Starting the session might be nerve racking but once it begins, it becomes very real… very fast. 

One might feel pressure when asked to explain. It may be embarrassing to discuss certain topics. Some dive right on in and bear their entire soul. Either way, participation is what makes the sessions worth the money and participation is what leads to successful results. Reese uses a questioning technique that takes no prisoners, so no knuckleheads shall prosper during these sessions.

Leaving a session is like a breath of fresh air once you’ve actually cleared the air with your loved ones

Life is not wholly about managing, hiding from, or suffering through the low vibrational energy of poor relationships. It's about mastering it in spiritual ways. These sessions can be used as a therapy or counseling alternative with better prices, flexibility, and less formalities. Increase your perspective in your relationships and gain the clarity needed for a balanced life. Book your mediation session today!

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Reese Roberts is not a licensed counselor. When booking your appointment you agree that you will only consider these services as insight or mediation but not medical advice. If you are dealing with something beyond the logic and reason of insight, please seek an appropriate medical professional.