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Entertain the Thought | Podcast & Mediation

Entertain the Thought | Podcast & MediationEntertain the Thought | Podcast & MediationEntertain the Thought | Podcast & Mediation

Insights & mediation services using the spiritual science of consciousness. Serving Atlanta.

Getting Ready

Relationship Mediation

The Entertain the Thought podcast is all about getting through the confusion of social conditioning to understand the spiritual aspects of life better. My mediation sessions cut through the clutter of social conditioning in relationships as well. Be ready to shed all ideas & notions because this is not average therapy.

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Your Mediator

Mediation is something I see as a tool for healing and releasing the negative energy of dysfunctional relationships. My approach is straightforward and deep-diving as I surgically diagnose the root of spiritual issues. You will not find therapy services like this anywhere else as a healthy and affordable counseling alternative.

what to expect

Tell us about yourself

Dig deeply for perspective

Dig deeply for perspective

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First things first. Let us know some basic information about your relationship and why you want mediation. Our simple survey helps us gather preliminary details. 

Dig deeply for perspective

Dig deeply for perspective

Dig deeply for perspective

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Book your first mediation session in Atlanta to find your vision and your identity in the relationship. Lay the foundation for spiritual healing by sharing your perspective without reservation. 

Letting it all out

Dig deeply for perspective

Interpretation & application

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Honesty is the best policy during your sessions. This is why mediation is necessary to avoid the roadblocks caused by high emotion. We guide the discussion to reveal the intentions of each party. A powerful tool for spiritual healing.

Interpretation & application

Action items to get you aligned

Interpretation & application

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Do not let your friends tell you how to handle your relationship! We use the spiritual science of human consciousness and mediation to guide your perceptions and actions as you attempt a healthy relationship dynamic. Now booking sessions in Atlanta

Action items to get you aligned

Action items to get you aligned

Action items to get you aligned

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Each session ends with a solid action plan to move on. We offer practical action plans designed to give you a new approach to dysfunctional behavior patterns. Entertain the Thought is also one of the best podcasts based in Atlanta to help spiritual growth using mediation techniques.

Follow up & follow through

Action items to get you aligned

Action items to get you aligned

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We care deeply about your mediation results because it is a spiritual matter. We send follow up materials that are best suited for your action plan. You will receive digital media like videos, and guides to help keep you on track.

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Using the science of the Universe has never been so practical and powerful. Book your mediation session today, and start enjoying healthier relationships and higher vibrational spiritual energy.

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