Working with Reese Roberts is all about discovering your unique place in relationships, your office, and in the world. Our goal is for you to become more self-aware and realize the unique gifts that you offer the world, both personally and professionally. 

When you let go of negative baggage from past experiences and relationships, you will then begin to form a sense of clarity, which is your mind’s natural state. This enables you to become your most creative and authentic self, personally and professionally. Imagine a world where you improve yourself while strengthening your community. This is what working with Reese is all about. 

Changing any situation starts within. You must analyze your past, respond to your fears, and master your future. Reese brings over a decade of experience as a teacher and corporate coach to help you discover who you really are. 

Reese has an extensive background of socially-focused Esoteric studies, which is the foundation of her coaching, consulting, and training programs. This knowledge and experience helps Reese give you the mental tools and acuity to create purposeful direction in your life.

Your life is in your hands, and you are not bound to the seat that you sit in now. Reese is all about teaching you how to change your mindset and live the life that you’ve always wanted. 

You’re just a few questions away.  

With over a decade of coaching experience, Reese, has an uncanny way of connecting with her clients to unlock the things that have them stuck in their current lives.

Her background in corporate America, the federal government, entrepreneurship, question coach, and as a Podcast host, enables her to pull from those vast experiences with great foresight into how you can have the right mindset and achieve all that you want to accomplish.

Reese will challenge you, hold you accountable, and enable you to change your reality with powerful brain training. 

Reese also owns Serv Inc, where she uses her background and communication skills to make contributions in corporate America. Also tune into the raw and real Entertain the Thought Podcast, for help with cognitive behavior, relationships, and more.


Using Science to Expand Your Consciousness

Learn the Scientific Method & other study techniques to master your 5D journey to internal alchemy.

Using Metaphysics to Manifest

We teach students how to use the artful and ancient sciences of Alchemy & Metaphysics in practical ways. Our teachings are designed to be a guide for safely navigating the new 5D world of energies and frequencies.

Using Alchemy for Toxic Relationships

Millennial relationships are hard as hell to manage! This course is designed to teach you to control the single thing you can control in any relationship… YOURSELF!

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