It is often said to ask and you shall receive the desires of your life. Go a step further with me to unveil the answers to the intricate details of your life holding you back. 
My question sessions are designed to carve out the needed path of information to remove blockage in your life. We will journey together unveiling your evolution needed for aligning with the universe to prosper. Desired changes in your character, behavior and perception require specific questions. 
These are the starting points to delivering healing answers to becoming your most creative and authentic self, personally and professionally. 


Discover your unique place in personal and professional relationships

Become in-tune with your self-awareness at a heightened level

Gain mental clarity to create purposeful direction in your life


The Learners Academy

Using Science to Expand Your Consciousness


You will learn to read and interpret emotional data for the purpose of moving how you need and want to move. We teach you how to use spiritual mirrors to gain perspective, connecting, and bonding, as well as setting boundaries. All these things help to raise your energetic frequency when managed according to your well established internal alchemy.

Using Metaphysics to Manifest


Our more advanced courses are designed to guide you into understanding the power of duality and how to use what is known as Dark Magic to enforce the Laws of the Universe on your behalf. Applying the principles in these lessons will give you an ability to navigate the spiritual 5th-dimensional world mankind now operates under. We set you on a path and give you the tools to explore it deeply.

Using Alchemy for Toxic Relationships


This course offers scientific techniques designed to teach you to interpret your own emotional and logical language. To manifest safely and accurately, you MUST know yourself well enough to set your intentions. We dive into the scientific method, critical thinking techniques, and much more. ENROLL today and remember to take notes or journal as you learn!

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  • I finally got the strength to get out of a toxic situation I was in… it’s a process going through a break up but I know that I’m going to be OK because I remembered what you said to me about your vision. So thank you my sister. Thank you. Here it is… You probably didn’t know it then… But it saved my life!
  • I really loved yesterday’s topic… These teachings are priceless… Thanks for making it happen…
  • My queen thank you for this, I really need to hear this. You gave me another way to look at things now, thank you so much!!!
  • The teachings are great. Every episode is eye-opening.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • “My queen thank you for this, I really needed to hear this. You gave me another way to look on things…”
  • “Intelligent and unbiased topics from a humble and spiritual Nubian Goddess”
  • “I love your creativity, passion and action to impact the lives of others.”
  • “This was so enlightening to my spirit, Thank you so much Queen!”
  • “Your talks are addictive…”

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